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Battle of the Brits

The 2009 Battle of the Brits was held Sunday, September 13th at a new location of St. Mary’s in Orchard Lake. The event was once again hosted by the Detroit Triumph Sportscar Club.

Our T-Club came out in force with 29 members and family, along with 13 MGTs.
Members to be acknowledged for wining awards (even if it wasn’t a T car) include:
Shari Pelic (1st for her ‘49 MG TC)
Allen Bachelder (2nd for his ‘53 MG TD)
Tom Parent (3rd for his MG TF)
Max Kenney (4th for his ‘53 MG TD)
Tom Norman (4th for his ‘55 MG TF 1500 &
Peoples Choice-T series)
Dave Miller (5th for his ‘53 MG TD)
Rhonda Ligon (1st for her ‘64 Jaguar XKE)
Frank Ligon (4th for his ‘69 Jaguar XKE)
Jim Bauer (for his ’50 MG TD)
Lee Jacobsen (for his ’39 MG TA Tickford)
Terry Frish (3rd for his ’34 Vauxhall BX
Roadster & Peoples Choice Open Class)
Jeff & Jan Zorn (4th for their ‘63 MBG & ‘83
Austin Mini)